Promoting your brand through affordable and effective marketing.

Advertising online has become an increasingly complex challenge for advertisers seeking to gain the maximum return from their online marketing budgets and investments.

Whilst the ineffectiveness of GoogleAds and their inability to really reach core and key market targets is often the greatest challenge for the marketer, 123OfficeMedia provide a wealth and variety of advertising and marketing opportunities to help you gain the most from your marketing budgets.

With the unique power of targeted and niche advertising abilities.

Ask any site owner or solution offering advertising opportunities to marketers the question,
"How many users come to your site each day?" and every site can tell you.

Ask any site owner "How many users from a specific country or region who are only interested in one specific topic or subject arrive?" and you will get very few answers.

The reason for this lies in the construction of the sites themselves. The overwhelming majority of sites who are able to provide you with valuable traffic, and therefore potential brand exposure, are able to do so because they are in essence "hypermarkets". Offering very many products to as many people as possible from one individual web site. The hypermarket whilst convenient provides very little factual data upon which you can achieve or measure greatest result from your campaign. For example, imagine your company was to advertise on a billboard at your local shopping mall. The shopping mall would naturally have more visitors than a local store or collection of stores, but there would be no way of measuring the types of visitors who saw your billboard.

The problem with this solution, as with any "hypermarket" solution for any potential marketer, is that the "hypermarket" is unable to provide you with any qualified or detailed user demographics, and certainly nowhere near enough to provide substantial or required return on investment.

The power of 123OfficeMedia is not only through our premium and recognized brand, based upon the highest quality driven products and high-end service delivery. But more importantly, for the marketer, due to our infrastructure.

123OfficeMedia is not a hypermarket. 123OfficeMedia is a collection of unique and individual portals which provide distribution platforms for our products and services. Each portal is unique. Each platform independent. This solution allows us to provide you with the unique ability to not only target your marketing and advertising campaign towards unique and specific segments, but also to unique and specific segments across individual or multiple platforms.

123OfficeMedia provide a wide variety of unique advertising opportunities including:

Advertise towards presenters through

Advertising on notl only allows you to advertise towards presenters and the presentation industry, but more importantly towards specific target groups and segments to create uniquely defined campaigns that maximize your returns on your marketing budget.

Targeted marketing across various categories
Advertising on allows you to not only to target presenters, creators of presentations, business men and women alike, but also to unique categories and segments such as Medicine, Sports, Entertainment and Travel to target the specific users most relevant for your campaign.

>> Learn more about advertising on

Advertise towards document creators and publishers through

Advertising on allows you to target and focus your campign on document creators such as business executives, management and consultants. Or towards publishers and professional advertising agencies and bureaus to create targeted campaigns towards your key target audience.

Unique ability to target document authors, creators and publishers
Advertising on allows you to target authors, document creators and publishers. Through 123DOCX's unique market position you can target your campaign towards specific individuals such as business executives or groups such as the health and fitness industry.

>> Learn more about advertising on

Advertise towards accounting and backoffice personell through

Advertising on allows you to target your brand, products and services towards those involved in back office activities such as accounting, finance, management and operations. 123XLSX.xom provides the perfect platform to ensure that your campaign is seen by the users who matter most.

The perfect solution to expose your brand, product and service.
As the world's leading Excel spreadsheet and template site, provides the unique advertising platform allowing you to target back office employees, accountants, human resources, management and individuals involved in daily business operations.

>> Learn more about advertising on

Advertising across the 123OfficeMedia Network.

The ability to advertise and expose your brand, products and services not only to one group of users but to as many relevant groups is the strength of advertising across the 123OfficeMedia Network. For example advertising towards users interested in Travel in both in PowerPoint template, PowerPoint background and the Photo Gallery product sections can be further supported by advertising in the same categories on to a different target audience with the same mutual interest.

Gain greatest effect across multiple platforms of mutual interest
The 123OfficeMedia Network allows you to place your campaign not only upon,, or, but to define any and all combinations of our sites, products and service categories to provide you with maximum exposure to your optimal target audience.

>> Learn more about advertising across the 123OfficeMedia Network

Advertising to the 123OfficeMedia Network Mailing List.

Advertising your products and services in your own unique email to a qualified and active mailing list allows you to target real and active users interested in information, products and services of interest and value.

Direct mail marketing opportunities to gain user attention
Whilst many advertisers have mixed or failed results in email marketing campaigns, the 123OfficeMedia Mailing List provides premium direct mail marketing opportunities to advertisers through our mailing list which is created by our active users and kept current to ensure 100% delivery.

>> Learn more about the 123OfficeMedia Network Mailing List

Sponsoring of the 123PPT Presenters Forum.

Viewed and used by thousands of active users each month the 123PPT Presenters Forum is one of the world's largest PowerPoint and presentation discussion forums and one where your brand, products and services can be presented throughout during any weekly or monthly period to gain maximum exposure and coverage.

Interactive users gaining exposure to your brand and products
The 123PPT Presenters Forum is one of the world's largest PowerPoint discussion room and forum. Sponsoring the 123PPT Presenters Forum allows your brand, products or services to become synonomous with positive solutions, assistance, help and feedback.

>> Learn more about sponsoring the 123PPT Presenters Forum

For more information about advertising upon,,, across the 123OfficeMedia Network, to the 123OfficeMedia Mailing List or sponsoring of the 123PPT Presenters Forum, please contact us today for more information and your free Advertising Pack. provides PowerPoint Templates, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Video Backgrounds for PowerPoint, Music Loops, Sound Effects, Presentation Images and Fonts.

>> Learn more about provides document and publication templates for Word, Photographs, Stock Images and Fonts.

>> Learn more about provides Excel Spreadsheets, Excel Templates and Excel Dashboards.

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123OfficeMedia develops software applications which increase productivity through extending the abilities and functionality of Microsoft Office applications.

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