Custom creative and design services and outsourcing media production.

123OfficeMedia provide unique media resource products and software applications for Microsoft Office users through our portals and wholly owned subsidiaries.

In addition to our products and software applications, 123OfficeMedia provide custom presentation and document design and creative services for individuals, companies and international conglomerates who require customized products and solutions or complete outsourcing of marketing and media production services.

Full service professional marketing and media production services.

As the world's leading producer and creator of Office media resources, 123OfficeMedia provides a complete design and creative service to individuals and companies who require on demand customization, service or outsourcing.

123OfficeMedia provide custom presentation, document design, layout, copy writing, media and marketing consultation across a wide range of platforms and media types.

123OfficeMedia custom and on demand services include:

  • Brand and profile design
  • Stationary design and creation
  • Annual reports
  • Brochures
  • Product sheets, sales sheets and documents
  • PowerPoint template and presentation designs
  • Adobe Flash movie and animation
  • Illustration and custom image design
  • Film and post production
  • Excel spreadsheet design and formulation

123OfficeMedia provide custom on demand services through our portal distribution platforms, and 123XLSX.xom.

Custom on demand PowerPoint and presentation services. provide complete custom PowerPoint and presentation services.

Complete custom PowerPoint and presentation services
123OfficeMedia provides complete custom PowerPoint and presentation services through our dedicated presentations platform From custom PowerPoint template adjustment or design to content and copy writing, 123PPT provides complete custom presentation services.

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Custom on demand Word and document production services. provide complete custom Word, document, report and publication services.

Complete custom Word and document creation services
123OfficeMedia provides complete Word and custom document services through our dedicated publication platform From custom Word template designs to brochures, annual reports and stationary, 123DOCX provides complete custom publication services.

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Custom on demand Excel and spreadsheet services. provides complete custom Excel and spreadsheet creation services.

Complete custom Excel and spreadsheet creation services
123OfficeMedia provides complete Excel and custom spreadsheet services through our dedicated back office platform From custom Excel template designs for management, human resources, sales or accounting tasks, 123XLSX provides complete custom Excel services.

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Outsourcing media production and presentation services.

In addition to our on demand custom services, 123OfficeMedia provide complete outsourcing of document, media production and presentation services for organizations who require higher volume or more continual document and presentation production but demand the highest production qualities, skills and service.

Outsourcing of internal document, media production and presentation services allows organizations to leverage the benefits of increased production quality, improved deadline compliance, as well as the ability to reduce the fixed cost of internal human reosurces and time variable costs.

123OfficeMedia outsourcing services include:

  • Complete media and marketing consultation services
  • Complete marketing and media production services
  • Complete corporate document, presentation, update and management services

Outsourcing internal document, media production or presentation services allows 123OfficeMedia to provide clients with:

  • Expanded hours of presentation support
  • Increased presentation quality
  • Reduced document and media production costs
  • Reduced presentation production costs
  • Improved deadline compliance
  • Increased management and organization
  • Overflow support
  • Reduced human resources risk

123OfficeMedia provides consultation to discuss each clients unique position and diagnose needs to create the ideal outsourcing solution that:

  • Provides around the clock support for high-cost professionals
  • Provides cost-effective document and PowerPoint presentation support for low utilization or peak periods including holidays, and weekend periods
  • Reduces our clients costs whilst increasing the quality and consistency of their documents and presentations by replacing non-core internal media, document or presentation graphics department

To find out more about 123OfficeMedia Outsourcing Services contact us today to discuss your service requirements and outsource your documents, reports and presentations to, your key to successful presenting and publishing. provides PowerPoint Templates, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Video Backgrounds for PowerPoint, Music Loops, Sound Effects, Presentation Images and Fonts.

>> Learn more about provides document and publication templates for Word, Photographs, Stock Images and Fonts.

>> Learn more about provides Excel Spreadsheets, Excel Templates and Excel Dashboards.

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123OfficeMedia develops software applications which increase productivity through extending the abilities and functionality of Microsoft Office applications.

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