Distribute and sell the world's premium Office media resource products.

With over 10,000 media resource products that include PowerPoint templates, video backgrounds for PowerPoint, PowerPoint backgrounds, stock photos and images, Word templates, Excel spreadsheets and templates, presentation music loops, sound effects and custom fonts and typefaces. 123OfficeMedia LLC is undoubtedly the world's premium producer of Microsoft Office related media resources for presenters, document authors, creators and publishers.

Share in the success of 123OfficeMedia, our portals and subsidiaries and become a part of the 123OfficeMedia Affiliate Program.

Unique products that provide unique benefits to you and your customers.

Since 2003, 123OfficeMedia LLC has been the world's leading designer and creator of Microsoft Office media resource products. From PowerPoint to Word and from Word to Excel, at 123OfficeMedia.com we have historically always distributed our products and services through our unique portals and subsidiaries.

In 2008, 123OfficeMedia developed the ground breaking 123PPT Video Backgrounds Studio, a software application that plugs directly into PowerPoint, creating new tools, features and funcitons that allow every user of PowerPoint the ability to import, insert, control and play back full screen full motion video backgrounds in PowerPoint behind their slide content.

In 2008, 123OfficeMedia also launched an entirely new range of premium products entitled Video Background Collections. Providing collections of video backgrounds for use in PowerPoint across an ever growing number of subejcts, themes and topics in our trademark multiple colour delivery palettes.

In 2009, 123OfficeMedia has again broken new ground with the launch of the 123PPT Music & SoundFX Studio. A software application which again plugs directly into PowerPoint to create new tools, features and functions. The 123PPT Music & SoundFX Studio provides presenters with the unique ability to import, loop, fade in, fade out, cross fade, create playlists, shuffle music, add sound effects and even narrate their presentations.

The launch of another entirely new range of products entitled 123PPT Playlists, in 2011 will provide presenters with predefined presentation playlists of music tracks and settings across various themes and genres to captivate and motivate presentation audiences around the globe.

Now as 123OfficeMedia LLC has firmly established itself not only as the world's leading provider of Microsoft Office media resources, but also of software applications that enhance and extend the functionality of PowerPoint, we are offering select individuals and reputable organizations the opportunity to become representatives and distributors for our products online.

Whether your interests are in retailing templates for Office applications, photos, images, music or distributing our 123PPT Video Backgrounds Studio, 123PPT Music & SoundFX Studio and 123PPT Presentations Player software applications. The 123OfficeMedia Affiliate Program provides you with unique value and revenue incomes, and your customers with premium products produced to the higest design and technical standards.

Commission from what your customer buys today and what they buy in the future.

Unlike other affiliate, resale and distributor schemes the 123OfficeMedia Affiliate Program provides you with 20% commission not just from what your customers buy today, but 20% for everything your customers buy in the future. That's because your customers are always your customers and at 123OfficeMedia LLC we wish not only to acknowledge this fact but reward you as an affiliate for your work and endeavours.

This means that should your customer purchase a 123OfficeMedia media file or software license from you or from us directly in the future you will still receive 20% commission! Regardles of whether your customer made their purchase through your site or through one of our portals or subsidiaries. This is because your customers will be marked with your own unique AffiliateID and whether your customer returns in a week, a month or in 5 years time and makes another purchase, you will still receive 20% commission from their order.

Imagine 100 of your customers purchase the Lite Edition of the 123PPT Video Backgrounds Studio. Your commission for this sale is $999 (100 x 20% of $49.95). Now imagine your customers decide to upgrade their license later to the Deluxe Edition. You gain another $4000 (100 x 20% of $200.95) without having to do anything!

Now imagine your customers also want to purchase the 123PPT Music & SoundFX Studio. Suddenly your 100 customers have generated over $10000 of commissions for you! And of course, the more customers you develop, the more opportunity you have to present more of our products and more sales and even more customers. Now doesn't that sound interesting?

If you would like to learn more about the 123OfficeMedia Affiliate Program, about representing our products and developing more markets in partnership with 123OfficeMedia please click here.

123PPT.com provides PowerPoint Templates, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Video Backgrounds for PowerPoint, Music Loops, Sound Effects, Presentation Images and Fonts.

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123DOCX.com provides document and publication templates for Word, Photographs, Stock Images and Fonts.

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123XLSX.com provides Excel Spreadsheets, Excel Templates and Excel Dashboards.

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123OfficeMedia develops software applications which increase productivity through extending the abilities and functionality of Microsoft Office applications.

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