Sustained growth through solid products and services.

123OfficeMedia LLC continues to maintain its position as the world leader and most preferred provider of Microsoft Office templates and media related resources.

In 2008, 123OfficeMedia saw the expansion of product into software development and provision with the launch of the 123PPT Video Backgrounds Studio, and the 123PPT Presentations Player, as well as the launch of a new product range of Video Background Collections. 2009, saw further expansion with the design and development of the 123PPT Music & SoundFX Studio. While 2010 saw the launch of the latest versions of both the 123PPT Video Backgrounds Studio and the 123PPT Music & SoundFX Studio. The launching of dual format video backgrounds in both Standard (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9) aspect ratios. As well as the establishment of 123OfficeMedia Limited to represent 123OfficeMedia in Europe, has seen company growth reach new dividends.

An acknowledged brand leader that achieves superior results.

123OfficeMedia is a wholly owned subsidiary of 123OfficeMedia LLC, a registered company in the state of Delaware, U.S.

123OfficeMedia LLC provides unique products and services to all users of Microsoft Office through its operating divisions of (, and

123OfficeMedia, has designed and developed over 15,000 media resource products which it retails through its operating divisions. 123OfficeMedia provide media resource products which include PowerPoint templates, Word templates, Excel templates, video backgrounds and video loops, presentation photos and stock images, music loops and sound effects, custom fonts and typefaces. Each media resource is available for purchase and licensed use through 123OfficeMedia's various operating portals.

In addition to media resource products, 123OfficeMedia has designed and developed several software applications including the 123PPT Video Backgrounds Studio, the 123PPT Music & SoundFX Studio and the 123PPT Presentations Player. Each 123OfficeMedia software application is provided through various purchase and license agreements to the end user through the operating portal

Since launch in 2003, 123OfficeMedia has seen annual dividend in profit increase by over three thousand six hundred percent (3600%). Through the highest quality products and software applications, attention to detail and production values, 123OfficeMedia continues to reaffirm its position as the world's leading and most preffered provider of Office media and related products.

In 2011, 123OfficeMedia will extend its product range still further through the launch of several initiatives including the 123OfficeMedia Affiliate Program and the 123OfficeMedia Advertising Program whilst also extending its media product range still further and introducing further software applications to the market.

If you would like to learn more about 123OfficeMedia LLC, prospect and investment opportunities please contact Investment Relations with details of your enquiry. provides PowerPoint Templates, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Video Backgrounds for PowerPoint, Music Loops, Sound Effects, Presentation Images and Fonts.

>> Learn more about provides document and publication templates for Word, Photographs, Stock Images and Fonts.

>> Learn more about provides Excel Spreadsheets, Excel Templates and Excel Dashboards.

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123OfficeMedia develops software applications which increase productivity through extending the abilities and functionality of Microsoft Office applications.

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