Welcome to 123PPT.com, the worlds leading online portal for presenters.

123OfficeMedia provide products and services to the presentations industry through the presentations portal 123PPT.com.

Founded in 2003, 123PPT.com has not only experienced continuous growth in sales, online traffic, active users, and information seekers since its launch, but has now firmly established itself as the worlds largest online source for presentation media resources.

With an average monthly exposure to over 350 000 unique users and average monthly traffic of over 500 000 visitors, 123PPT.com provides professional:

  • PowerPoint templates
  • PowerPoint video backgrounds
  • PowerPoint backgrounds
  • Presentation photos and images
  • Presentation music
  • Presentation sound effects
  • Custom fonts and typeface designs
  • Presentation services

For presenters who demand premium presentation media resources but need to create a professional presentation quickly and cost effectively.

For more details of the products and services of 123PPT.com please visit http://www.123ppt.com

Real designers, motion artists, composers and presentation consultants.

123PPT.com provides presenters with premium presentation media resources.

"At 123PPT.com, we are the only major provider of PowerPoint resources that does not simply act as a third-party reseller of other people's work. We design, create and compose every product to guarantee quality and precision so our customers know they are talking to the people who produced their files and can help them with their customization needs."

Michael Peterson, 123PPT.com

Unlike other major online PowerPoint product and service suppliers, 123PPT.com is not a third-party reseller of other individuals or companies PowerPoint templates and media resources.

Today an ever increasing number of PowerPoint and presentation "hypermarkets" have evolved online offering tens of thousands of PowerPoint templates, backgrounds, videos, and other media products for sale. Sadly these online sites are merely third-party affiliates and retailers for lower quality media products produced in mass quanities in regions such as India and other eastern countries which is why when browsing these sites it is possible to see the same templates and media products offered repeatedly from different online retailers.

One of the greatest challenges today for any presenter is to be able to talk with real presentation consultants, designers, motion artists and copywriters. For these reasons 123PPT.com has never, and will never, sell third-party products, but instead chooses to design, create, compose and produce every product and media resource we provide and offer through our portal.

Because of our focus on quality, 123PPT.com does not provide or add tens of thousands of PowerPoint templates and other presentation media to its online offering. 123PPT.com instead focus on the design and creation of unique professional high-quality media which we not only create, but more importantly are able to adjust and adapt to your own unique presentation needs as we own the media we produce.

To learn more about 123PPT.com, view our unique presentation products, or to talk with our team of presentation designers, artists, composers or consultants please visit http://www.123ppt.com

123PPT.com provides PowerPoint Templates, PowerPoint Backgrounds, Video Backgrounds for PowerPoint, Music Loops, Sound Effects, Presentation Images and Fonts.

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123DOCX.com provides document and publication templates for Word, Photographs, Stock Images and Fonts.

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123XLSX.com provides Excel Spreadsheets, Excel Templates and Excel Dashboards.

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123OfficeMedia develops software applications which increase productivity through extending the abilities and functionality of Microsoft Office applications.

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