123OfficeMedia launch official channel on YouTube

In response to public demand, 123OfficeMedia launches its official channel on YouTube with free PowerPoint video background content.

With the recent launch of a new and exciting range of Free PowerPoint Video Backgrounds, 123OfficeMedia is proud to announce the launch of its official channel on YouTube to provide subscribers with the latest news, details of new and exciting products and product ranges. Offers on presentation media, as well as competitions and prizes and giveaways.

With tips on products and using media in PowerPoint, 123OfficeMedia will also be providing tutorials and guides to getting the most out of our products, your software and your PowerPoint presentations.

YouTube has long established itself as the social media network for uploading, sharing and viewing video content. In launching the 123OfficeMedia YouTube Channel, PowerPoint presenters can now not only read about all the latest news from 123OfficeMedia, but also interact, download and use free content in their presentations.

"YouTube provides us with the opportunity to get closer to our users and allow our users to get closer to us.", explains Scott Harvey, Founder and CEO of 123OfficeMedia.

"We want to be more than just the markets leading provider of professional presentation software and Office media resources. We want to be able to help every presenter, every publisher, every back office employee involved in using Microsoft Office products like PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Publisher, to be able to create and make better documents and improve their level of use and abilities.

In launching the channel we decided to include 12 free video backgrounds for PowerPoint. But this is merely the start. As we start to gain increased numbers of subscribers and friends, we want to offer competitions and prizes and offer not only licenses of our software like the 123PPT Video Backgrounds Studio™ and the 123PPT Music & SoundFX Studio™ to presenters. But exclusive products and custom made templates and backgrounds.

The 123OfficeMedia YouTube Channel also gives us the opportunity to provide official tutorials for our products and offer step-by-step video guides for registered users and new users alike.

In essence, our YouTube presence will allow us to reach out to our users and our users to reach out to us."

The official 123OfficeMedia YouTube Channel is now live with free video backgrounds available for viewing and download for use in PowerPoint and the 123PPT Video Backgrounds Studio. To keep up to date with the latest news and offers from 123OfficeMedia and information of product releases, competitions and tutorials, subscribe to the channel and improve your Office documents and presentations.

Founded in 2003, 123OfficeMedia LLC provides professional Microsoft Office media resources through its channels and operating portals 123PPTX.com, 123DOCX.com and 123XLSX.com.

If you would like to know more about 123OfficeMedia, our products, services, current developments, affiliate or advertising opportunities, please contact us providing details of your enquiry.

123PPTX.com, 123DOCX.com and 123XLSX.com are wholly owned subsidiaries of 123OfficeMedia LLC.

Published:18 October 2010

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